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The Juice

July 26, 2012



I decided to make our family a juice this morning instead of a smoothie… Why… Because quite frankly I find it difficult to tolerate the consistency of carrots in a smoothie. They just don’t get liquidy enough in my bullet. And I was in the mood for carrot/ginger. So I whipped out the juicer and started tossing in everything I could find.










Delicious!!!!!!!!!!! I mean wow!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I like smoothies a lot and they are definitely a healthier option because they keep all the fiber from the fruits and veggies in the drink. But I must confess that the juice was awesome and easier to swallow. It may however make me hungry quicker because its all liquid. I’ll have to keep you posted on that one.


Juicing for a family of four is no easy task! I forgot to count but I used approximately 10 carrots, 4 long celery sticks, 1 1/2 inches of ginger, 4 pears, 4 apples, 4 small mandarin oranges, and 1/2 a cucumber. And I used the cucumber at the end really when I was trying to finish filling the cup and ran out of other stuff. I made approx 5 8-ounce cups. That doesn’t seem like a lot to me at all since thats our breakfast. The boys and i got 8 oz each and Orlando got 16 oz.

So the conclusion is if you’re going to juice, make sure to stock up on plenty of vegetables and fruits so you don’t run out and get frustrated.

Note: juicing is especially beneficial If you have a cold and need to be drinking lots of fluids. You get all sorts of vitamins and flush out the cold at the same time.


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  1. FYI: In this post I mentioned that I thought drinking the juice would make me hungrier, faster….and I would update you on that thought.

    VERDICT…. I was starving even before I left the house! Now, that may very well be because I’m pregnant and require more food than usual. On the other hand, Orlando did not feel any hungrier than usual and ate at his regular times.

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