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Monday Morning

June 25, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!! Since most of us use our weekends to go out to eat with our families, attend birthday parties or social events, and relax….we don’t really want to cook or worry about food. This is why most people admit to “cheating” on the weekends. If this is you, don’t feel guilty about it. ITS OKAY!!!!!! I for one had pizza and fried mozzarella this weekend on Saturday!

But the beauty of this lifestyle is that there is no race to the finish. You are NOT on a countdown to lose any amount of weight in any amount of time.
So now its Monday again and routine sets in. You have been given an opportunity to start over again and incorporate good decisions in your diet.

So maybe start the morning this morning with a

  • Pear, lemon, cucumber, celery, and water smoothie. Lemon and celery detox your body and cucumber is excellent for your skin.

Commit to making good decisions this week and make it your goal to have more vegetables this week than you did last week. Maybe next weekend, you’ll still have pizza but you’ll want 2 slices instead of 3. Or maybe you’ll have a burger but pass on the fries. The more you start to enjoy eating well, the less you’ll enjoy eating the bad stuff.

And you’ll know your lifestyle has changed when you only cheat when its absolutely worth it…instead of cheating just because its the weekend!



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    Inspired by our recent conversation maybe? 🙂

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