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Cows should eat grass -by Orlando

June 24, 2012

About 7 months ago, my wife bought “grass-fed cow’s milk.” I complained to a co-worker that my wife was spending even more of my money on wacky shit like “grass-fed cow’s milk!!!!!” My co-worker’s response is part of the reason that I’ve lost 48 pounds in the last 6 months. She said to me “you know that cows are SUPPOSED to eat grass right?” What an awakening! Why does our society allow companies to sell milk from cows that DON’T eat grass, and make THAT the norm? Why is “grass-fed” the exception when it is what nature intended?
This is when I realized that I am the cow and that society is feeding me what I’m not meant to eat: Processed crap, ingredients I can’t pronounce, high fructose corn syrup, fried garbage!!!! Humans, like cows should eat grass!!! I don’t mean that literally of course, I mean that we should eat what humans were meant to eat. We should eat mainly fruits, veggies, and nuts. That is what grows from the earth and has no ingredients made by man. I like food that doesn’t have ingredients. Broccoli: ingredients: broccoli. Simple.
My wife and I are not by any means vegans or vegetarians. We eat meat regularly…almost every day. But what I mean is PILE ON THE GREENS!!!! Make vegetables the main course! Shift The paradigm!
Don’t view chicken as your entree: make a huge and ridiculously delicious veggie recipe, and make the chicken or steak as the smaller side dish.
I have fallen in love with vegetables, and realized that they should be mainly what fills you. The steak or fish or chicken should be the “side dish.” By all means make them delicious, but make the veggies, previously considered “side dishes,” the main course! Eat all you want!!! Stuff yourself with them. Pile on the greens!!!
Get your mind away from what you have been raised to believe. What are “side dishes?” and what are entrees?
I will teach you easy ways to make awesome veggie-centric dishes. Soups, for example, are great ways to pack in tons of veggies with few carbs and little or no animal protein. Shift your paradigm! You don’t need meat or potatoes/rice in every dish. I’ll walk you through it. Stay tuned…


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I make soups all the time! Not because I like soups so much…but mostly because it’s a simple and quick way to incorporate so many veggies into one delicious dish.
    I have also recently changed the way I think about my meals. Previously, my protein had to be the main part of every meal…whereas now its generally an afterthought! What a concept!!! I never thought I would say that!!! My veggies are my main focus…I make sure I have plenty of greens planned for my meal before I even consider the protein I will eat. Quite often, my veggies are so filling and satisfying, that I don’t even need to have a protein. My GI system feels better than ever and I generally have more energy and stamina throughout the day. I’m “piling on the greens” and “spreading the good word”!! Blog on!!!

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